Big change, can come down to small actions. Here's how you can help play a part in helping racing win - for all of us. 

Look around


Look Around

Many problems, happen in plain sight. So keep an eye (or ear) open to the people you work with… the comments that pop up in your feed… or the moments you see, hear and walk past. If someone's doing it tough - or making things tough for someone else - give whoever needs it, a little more than a blind eye. Because the more we look out for each other, the better things work for all of us.



Start a discussion


Start a discussion

What's racing like for you? What do you think could, or should, be better? In your working day, your social feed or unwinding with your team - share your thoughts, check out theirs, and share a few opinions. Or send us your views, by email or just posting with #whenracingwins. The more of us take a good, honest look at the issues, the more we can start to resolve them - and the less of us suffer in silence.

Speak up


Speak Up

If someone’s struggling, have a chat. If someone’s crossing a line - call it out. Or if there's something you know you need a little help with - reach out and ask. It sometimes takes courage… but it always helps. If you’re feeling unsure about the best way to start - ask a friend or colleague that you trust, Or, use the tab below to start a confidential chat from an expert, who can help you decide your next step.



Share this content


Share this content

From this site… to the videos here… your help getting the message out to your friends and colleagues in racing, makes a difference. So check out the issues, see what people from all levels of racing have to say… and share them on your social pages. Tag #whenracingwins so we can make your impact go further.

Because if we want a stronger, healthier, more satisfying industry… it’s up to all of us, to help build it.