Since 2019, your racing codes have been working together to increase the focus on well-being on our industry

- through three key areas: 

Education & Awareness
#whenracingwins is an ongoing movement, that anyone in racing can get behind and get involved in. You’ll be seeing our info and messaging at venues around the country… on Trackside TV and social media… and of course on this site.
Help & Support
Our helpline is a place where you can get advice and help in dealing with a problem, whether it’s yours, or someone else’s - or, if you need to, make a confidential report. Leave us a private message, and a qualified expert in racing will get in touch to find out more and help you with your next steps.
Active enforcement
With new Codes of Conduct being launched across racing, our code leaders are stepping up to monitor and deal with problematic behaviour. Depending on the issue, and the circumstances, this might mean a conversation, de-registration, or an investigation by the Racing Integrity Board and/or NZ Police