NZTR, HRNZ and GRNZ is focused on ensuring better workplaces, and support, for everyone in racing.

They expect everyone working in racing to uphold key values of:

  • Respect
  • Taking care of ourselves and others
  • Personal Safety
  • Good Heath
  • Wellbeing & Balance

If circumstances in your workplace, or personal life are impacting you in ways contrary to these values, we encourage you to contact our dedicated helpline for advice and support.

If you are concerned about behaviour or issues in your workplace, you can also report problems to this helpline for further follow-up and investigation. In some instances, proven complaints to the Racing Integrity Board or to the relevant racing Code may lead to penalties or loss of licence for the offending person.

There are also legal rights from any worker in NZ - under both NZ employment law, and the NZ Human Rights Commission - that protect those reporting issues in their workplace, or raising issues of discrimination or harassment. Your Racing Codes expect and demand that all employers in racing respect these rights, and communicate with their employees accordingly.



Further resources:

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